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When we hear the term "course" our minds shift to an academic setting. So rather than a course, we consider Tools for Life to be a life-learning gathering a structured, programmatic approach to sharing knowledge through weekly meetings.

For thirteen years I have immersed myself in Native American spiritual traditions and practices, guiding MGM community members through their own journeys along the way. I've drawn from these experiences to create a set of powerful, transformative, life-enhancing tools and methodologies and, for the first time in 2024, I am excited to share them with the MGM community. The goal is to provide insights into this knowledge, enabling individuals to choose what resonates most with their personal quests. By doing so, they can focus their energy on cultivating relationships with the tools tailored to empowering their unique life journeys

Sincerely, Josue Cano

Program details

The program consists of seven group video calls, each dedicated to exploring one of the seven tools. Subsequently, participants will engage in two individual phone consultations, during which they will select one or two tools for further examination. These sessions will provide them the opportunity to go deeper into their chosen tools. Finally, the program will culminate in a concluding group phone call for reflections and integration.

Itinerary and program details

Week 1: Condor - Eagle
- Exploring North and South American Native traditions, including their medicines, rituals, teachings, and purpose.
- The prophecy of the Condor Eagle and its contemporary relevance.
- Understanding responsible engagement with this knowledge.

Week 2: Psilocybin
- Contextualizing psilocybin within the global landscape and its symbiotic relationship with mycelium.
- Examining the connection between mushrooms and the inner child archetype.
- Understanding the process of microdosing, various protocols, and their purposes.
- Establishing safety protocols for home-based ceremonies.

Week 3: Kabbalah
- Exploring the origins and essence of Kabbalah.Gaining insights into life's purpose, levels of consciousness, and non-duality teachings.
- Analyzing the Tree of Life within the Kabbalistic framework.

Week 4: Genealogical Tree
- Adopting Alejandro Jodorowsky 's Awareness Building approach to genealogy.
- Seeking permission and guidance from ancestors.
- Conducting genealogical tree analysis.

Week 5: Dreams
- Exploring diverse perspectives on the realm of dreams.
- Nurturing one's relationship with the dream state.
- Learning techniques for dream interpretation.

Week 6: Tarot
- Utilizing the Tarot as a foundational study tool.
- Studying Alejandro Jodorowsky's interpretations and contributions.
- Understanding the hero's journey archetype in Tarot and its composition.
- Practicing Tarot reading.

Week 7: Music and the Unconscious
- Utilizing sound as a healing modality.
- Exploring various methods of engaging with musical language.
- Understanding the interplay between music and other art forms.

Weeks 8 and 9: Individual Phone Calls
- Participants select the subject for deeper discussions during individual phone consultations.

Week 10: Closing Circle
- Summarizing program insights and conclusions.
- Facilitating group sharing sessions.

Commencing in the first week of August and concluding after 10 sessions by middle of October. The specific day and time of sessions will be determined based on participant availability, with options for weekends or weekdays.

- Option 1: Single Payment of $1000
- Option 2: Two Payments of $550 (First payment before the program starts,second payment in September)

Financial Assistance: Please reach out to us if you're experiencing financial difficulties that prevent your participation, so we can figure out together alternative arrangements.

What's included?
- 8 Group Meetings (1.5 hours each)
- 2 Individual Calls (1 hour each)
- Supplementary materials post-group meetings: recorded calls, music playlists, meditations, etc.
- Direct communication access with the program manager and Josue Cano.
- Access to the Mundo Gente Medicina community.

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