Our focus is on highly personalized, intimate retreats with a  maximum number of six participants.

An essential ingredient of the retreat is the process of PREPARATION and INTEGRATION. Strong preparation enables a a deep and powerful connection to your purpose, and a solid integration provides the tools to ground yourself in the experience afterwards.

We don’t work with a long term retreat schedule. Let us know what kind of retreat experience you are looking for and your travel dates. We will then check our calendar, see if there are any retreats planned or create one based on your schedule. We then work closely with you to discuss your needs and intentions and design your personal retreat experience.

Preparation & Integration


Once the reservation is made, we will send you a document with all the pertinent information to prepare for the retreat. We will also schedule a call to answer questions and give you personalized information for this pre-retreat period. Our goal is to help you understand the process and focus on your healing intention for the retreat.

The Retreat

The retreat is where the meaning of our name MUNDO GENTE MEDICINA is put into practice: MUNDO (World) is a precious time where you can immerse yourself in the beautiful, nurturing setting of our center. GENTE (People) is to surround yourself with like-minded people with whom you will share and bond during the retreat. And MEDICINA (Medicine) is of course the powerful and transformative journey you will engage in during the retreat.


The process of integration begins once the retreat ends with a private meeting. The purpose is to help clarify the teachings received and give you some important recommendations to help integrate them into your life.

We will also schedule a phone call at a later time to follow up on the process. The more understanding we have in your conscious mind, the more we will be able to relax and collaborate with the changes that our life is asking for. Additionally, it is vital to commit to a daily routine of self care and personal time where we can continue nourishing the teachings received during the retreat.

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Upcoming Special Events

Apart from our retreats, we also host special events that celebrate our love and respect for Mother Earth and her medicines, with special guests, music, dance and art.

Journey to Self

Join us on this journey to self awareness through plant medicines guided by caring and experienced masters of ceremony. Each day of this experience has been specially curated to provide support and nourishment for the journey of your lifetime. This plant medicine retreat is not for those merely interested in plant medicine, but for those who are truly ready to face their shadows and engage with themselves on an inner-worldly level. This plant medicine retreat will feature an Ayahuasca ceremony with additional ceremonial offerings of Wayra, Rape’ and Peyote. Daily practices and meditations along with herbal baths and sweat lodge gatherings will help you prepare and integrate this intense experience of plant medicine ceremonies.

September 8, 2022
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