A retreat at Mundo Gente is a gift to yourself.

We work closely with each person to build the ideal experience to help nurture, replenish and bring about deep healing.
The retreats are intimate with no more than six participants and consist of three elements:



We are a small community at Mundo Gente passionately dedicated to our mission of caring for our land and our guests. During your stay you will be part of our family and also enjoy the company of like minded souls on the healing journey. The bonding during a retreat is always a joyful experience and our guests forever remain members of our ever growing family.

Earth Medicine

Our contact with many cultures of North and South America has blessed us with the knowledge of their medicine traditions that are based with a fundamental respect for Mother Earth.
During your stay you will work with the four elements as medicines:
EARTH ( food, juices, medicinal herbs and traditional medicines)
FIRE ( Native American sweat lodge)
AIR ( Yoga and breath)
WATER (Emotional integration, opening to intuition, dreams and symbols).
Your retreat is a unique and powerful opportunity to learn about and utilize all these medicines as a pathway to healingand personal evolution.


The final component of the retreat experience nurtures our basic need to express JOY and GRATITUDE through celebration. It is an opportunity to reconnect to our hearts through music, dance and art in a beautiful natural setting.


We do not have a rigid retreat schedule for the year. Rather we plan our retreats a few months ahead as inquiries come in. So the process is to initiate a conversation letting us know a little about yourself and your experience, when you plan on traveling and what kind of retreat experience you are looking for.

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Upcoming Special Events

Apart from our retreats we also hold special events featuring Indigenous teachers and healers as well as communal gatherings featuring music, dance and the arts

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