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Welcome to

Mundo Gente Medicina

Our mission at Mundo Gente Medicina is to be in alignment with nature by adopting a life of conscious living.

In this way we care for Mother Earth, for our well being and for all future generations.

Our vision is to create a meeting place where we can share these teachings and create a positive and lasting impact on all those that come to stay with us.

Meet Your Hosts

At Mundo Gente Medicina we welcome you into our home. Our goal is for you to feel safe and comfortable during your stay so that you can experience the full power of our retreats.

Meet Ronit and Josué


We are in the mountains west of San Jose, bordering a national park. Our guests stay in cozy wood casitas or camping spaces and we gather for meals and sharing in an open pavillion.
We also have a ceremony hall next to a river and open areas for music and celebrations.

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Our retreats are a unique opportunity to reconnect to source through a powerful blend of community and integration with Earth Medicines. We also understand the importane of creative play and celebrate through music, dance and the arts.

Our Retreats

Earth Medicines

The earth gives us all we need to heal our physicaland emotional bodies. At Mundo Gente Medicina we embrace earths bounty and wisdom through food, juices and herbs, sweatlodges and ancestral medicines. The retreat is an opportunity to learn about these gifts and integrate them into your life.

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Upcoming Special Events

Apart from our retreats we also hold special events featuring Indigenous teachers and healers as well as communal gatherings featuring music, dance and the arts

Collaboration with Samasati Retreat Center

Join us on this journey to self-awareness through plant medicines guided by caring and experienced masters of ceremony. Each day of this experience has been specially curated to provide support and nourishment for the journey of your lifetime

December 11, 2023
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Blog & News

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Listen to our music

Music: Language of the heart

Medicine Music accompanies and supports us in our retreats and ceremonies. Thanks to generous donations and a fundraising campaign, we now have the resources to record and share this powerful healing tool. At Mundo Gente Medicina we encourage you to connect with your inner musician and integrate it into your healing and inner-growth work.

Earth Medicine Costa Rica