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Welcome to

Mundo Gente Medicina

Sacred medicine healing center

We are a family run retreat center in Costa Rica.

We specialize in Ayahuasca and other Sacred Medicines for people who want to experience their healing power in a peaceful and intimate Costa Rica setting.

Enjoy being cared for
and renew yourself
through the magic
of nature’s healing medicines.

About us

What we do

Our Retreats

Our mission is to hold the space for healing and inner-growth through sacred medicines and supporting therapies. Our intimate and private retreats give you the opportunity for powerful introspection and self-awareness.

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Sacred Medicines

We are blessed to be in contact with different sacred medicine traditions of North and South America. This vibrant contact makes an energy bridge where it is possible to work with these medicines in a profound and integrated way.​

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Sacred medicine coaching

Microdosing is designed so that the psychedelic effects of the mushrooms aren’t felt, rather it’s more of a mild sensation of subtle yet powerful energy that allows us to live our lives normally. It gives us greater clarity and the ability to connect joyfully with the present moment. It becomes our ally in the path to the heart.

Our program lasts from one to six months and the coaching sessions happen remotely through video conferencing. The duration can vary depending on the work you are doing. The key is to establish a relationship to the medicine in which your intuition helps you understand the best way to work and integrate it into your life.

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Photo of Josue and Ronit

Preparing for a retreat

“Good integration starts with the preparation”

Preparation starts before arriving for the retreat. The process of energy movement that the medicines facilitate begins by becoming aware of your true and clear intention. In this way you will attract the necessary teachings that will build a bridge to lasting transformation in your daily life.


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All retreats schedule

Our blog

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We are working on our new album

Music: Language of the heart

Medicine Music accompanies and supports us in our retreats and ceremonies. Thanks to generous donations and a fundraising campaign, we now have the resources to record and share this powerful healing tool. At Mundo Gente Medicina we encourage you to connect with your inner musician and integrate it into your healing and inner-growth work.

We are in the process of recording our first album. As soon as we have concrete dates for its release we’ll be sharing it in our blog!

Ayahuasca Costa Rica