Preparation & Integration

One of our specialties is PREPARATION for and INTEGRATION with ancestral medicines.
We believe that the approach to the medicines must happen with an understanding of the experience itself and how to move through it correctly.
We support your rational side which is challenged to move beyond its “comfort zone” into the depths of our intuitive/subconscious selves. In addition we stress the importance of timing and the best moment to encounter the different medicine.
We offer several work modalities for the preparation and integration process. It can be virtually through phone calls, or in person where we combine them into the retreat experience.

Following we discuss some of these medicines and the essential character:

Grandmother Ayahuasca

Through Grandmother Ayahuasca we are given the understanding of our personal capacity to receive. This medicine is full of wisdom for those that are open to receive it, and beyond its healing embrace and guidance, it gives us a profound energy cleanse through its purging qualities.

Grandfather Peyote and San Pedro

The masculine energy of these cactus medicines connects us to the heart. It allows us to connect to all that surrounds us from a perspective of UNITY, where we can smile and appreciate the gift of aliveness.


Psilocibin playful energy opens the door to our inner child. It gently will guide us on a vibrant journey, reminding us that each one of us has a beautiful universe within.


Kambo medicine strengthens our immune system through an intense purging process that briefly takes us out of our comfort zone. Through this process we are taught to let go and enter into a deep and healing connection to our bodies.

Bufo Alvarius (5-MeO-DMT)

Bufo gives us the opportunity to experience the brief yet intense release from our ego. In this process we learn about our capacity to let go and about our relationship to death. And finally, it also provides us with a deep energy cleanse.

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