Mundo Gente Medicina

In the search for harmony and purpose we have been blessed to discover different tools that have become central to our lives. These include sacred medicines and practices from various traditions of North and South America. Our mission at Mundo Gente Medicina is to hold the space where others can explore and develop their own relationship to them in a safe and natural environment.

Meet Your Hosts, Josue and Ronit

Our story began in 2016 performing ceremonies and retreats at different locations in Costa Rica. In 2020 we purchased our own land where we now receive our guests and can manifest the vision of living  in harmony with nature.


Ronit’s path began in India where she studied Sivananda Yoga, giving her a profound connection to the body and breath. She also shares the TEMAZCAL (Sweat Lodge) and the Moon Dance tradition where women join together under the full moon to pray, dance and share wisdom. Ronit also conveys her knowledge and passion for conscious eating and Juice detox as a vital companion of our healing journey.


Cano’s connection to Sacred Medicine and its Native American roots began early in his life through a powerful series of visions and dreams. He then embarked on an apprenticeship with Medicine guides from different traditions and to this day has maintained strong connections with his “Medicine Family” throughout North and South America. Cano is also an accomplished musician and embraces the healing power of music in his work. And finally, Cano is versed in the Kabbala which he combines in the retreats as a way to understand and integrate the medicine into our lives.

Together, Ronit and Josué offer all participants the opportunity to connect with their own bodies and mother earth through the medicines, ancestral rituals, healing food and the transformative power of music.

Ayahuasca Costa Rica