Sacred Medicines

A Bridge Between the Medicine Traditions of ​North and South America

In South America, our Peruvian family (Who prepare our Ayahuasca and San Pedro brew​) has shown us the value of other traditional medicines such as Kambo, Yopo, Wayra, and Bufo Alvarius. In the North, the Mexican and Lakota traditions have nurtured the integrity of our work: The Teepee, Temazcal sweat lodge, Vision Quest and Moon Dance. And further North in Alaska we received the teachings of psilocybin from a native Atabaskian Medicine Woman. ​

This rich contact we have maintained with all of these traditions is an essential nutrient in the evolution of Mundo Gente Medicina. Our strategic location in Central America allows us to be a bridge and meeting place where all of these great cultures can guide us on our path to self-knowledge.

Ayahuasca - “ La abuelita"

On the medicine path, Ayahuasca is called “Abuelita” (Grandmother), in honor of its inherent feminine energy that manifests in a deep introspection where a meeting with this ancestral spirit can occur. Our brew, which originates in Peru, is traditionally prepared with only two ingredients, Chakruna and Capi, as this is the classic formula used for generations.

Our ceremony begins around a fire which will stay lit all night long and is outside of the ceremony space. After sharing a few words and setting our intention, we enter the ceremonial space, and after a brief meditation, share Rapé snuff. Rapé is inhaled through the nose and helps purify the respiratory system and facilitates a better connection to our breath and being in the present moment.

After taking the Ayahuasca brew, we enter into a period of silence until the medicine begins to take effect. Songs and music will accompany the ceremony throughout the night in order to support the inward focus of energy.

The ceremony space is dedicated to a silent and personal experience of the medicine, while outside by the fire, the space is more open. There you can chat if the need arises or else contemplate the surroundings in silence.

We welcome the morning with coconut water and fruit, and after everyone is awake and recent, form a closing circle where each person can share their experience. We also take a small dose of San Pedro cactus which facilitate our passage out of the introspective journey. Later in the morning we all come together again in a Temazcal sweat lodge in order to gently close our energy field and thank Mother Earth for all we have received. We end the experience with a delicious lunch.

San Pedro Cactus - Huachuma

It was named “San Pedro” by the colonizers as they compared it to Saint Peter who controls the gateway to heaven.
This medicine blesses us with the recognition of all that surrounds us as paradise. It opens the heart and gifts us with the experience that we are one and connected to all that surrounds us.

At Mundo Gente Medicina our San Pedro celebrations are accompanied by music performed by Josue and Ronit as well as other musicians who joyfully perform in celebration of this beautiful medicine.


Our Peruvian family goes deep in the Amazon jungle where in order to extract it from the Kambo frog. The frogs are lightly stressed to release the compound, it is gently scraped onto pieces of wood and then allowed to dry. The extraction is done with enormous respect and gratitude to these master healers. After the collection process, the frogs are returned to their habitat.

The Kambo sessions take place in the mornings and participants are asked to drink three liters of water in preparations. Several small burns are applied to the skin so that the medicine can be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. The effect is not psychedelic yet is very intense as the body purges itself of deeply stored toxins. The entire process lasts about twenty minutes and it is recommended to engage in three sessions over a period of three days. In this way, a deep cleansing can take place both at a physical and emotional level.


Wayra in Quechua (the language of a native people of Peru) means flight and Wayra huasca means “Ayahuasca Flight”. It is a plant medicine of introspection that allows us to meet the spirit of ayahuasca in its purest form. This encounter can manifest as a deep connection with Mother Earth.

Wayra-huasca is an extraction of Chakruna leaves (the plant that contains DMT), which in combination with a Capi tea (IMAO/liana of ayahuasca) allows us to access that deep level of consciousness.

Wayra-Huasca is taken in a beautiful and respectful ceremony. First, participants in the ceremony are cleansed with Tobacco smoke, followed by tea of ​​Capi (imao) followed by an application of Rapé. Half an hour after the ingestion of the tea, participants smoke the Chakruna extract.

The smoke is inhaled, held in a few seconds and at the moment of exhalation one enters the visionary world of ayahuasca, where it is possible to experience the connection between all things.

Along with chants (icaros) and music, the medicine takes us on a journey of deep learning where we experience exactly what we need at this moment of our evolutionary journey. Direct contact with the energy of the plants triggers an expansion of consciousness and love. Our connection with Mother Earth is strengthened, at the same time, it can help us begin healing and release unhealthy attachments and blocks.

This extraordinary medicine was developed by our family in Peru, it is something unique and very special, for this reason, it is not possible to find more information about it on the internet, for questions or doubts please write us to discuss.

Bufo Alvarius (5-MeO-DMT)

The Sonora desert of Mexico is home to BUFO ALVARIUS toad. It is the only species that produces a substance containing the remarkable molecule 5-HO-DMT. The substance is gently extracted from the toad’s glands and then allowed to dry without any chemical processing.

5-Meo-DMT a naturally occurring psychedelic substance of the tryptamine chemical class that has been noted for the extremely powerful and short-lived entheogenic effects. It is considered a “cerebral food” since the brain processes it in a way similar to glucose. It assists in the healing and regeneration of the body, resulting in the release of a considerable amount of stress accumulated over a lifetime. It also boosts the immune system resulting in physical, mental and / or emotional healing. The effect of the medicine lasts from 15 to 30 minutes.

Bufo is taken outdoors, surrounded by a beautiful natural setting. We accompany you throughout the process making sure you are always safe and cared for. The medicine is inhaled as a vapor and takes effect almost immediately. The experience can be described as a disconnection from the ego, a state where there are no thoughts. We merge with our surroundings us and connect to the present moment. Very powerful transcendental experiences can occur that move a tremendous amount of emotional energy. Slowly our sense of self returns, and we can gently integrate the experience into our life.

The medicine continues working for days, in a gradual and diminished form. It can generate a massive release of accumulated stress, and help dissolve cellular memories that result in addictions, compulsions or psychosomatic illnesses. This is a remarkable gift of nature that in addition to helping us in our path of healing gifts us an encounter with our divine nature.


Yopo is a combination of various plant substances mixed with one of the components in the Ayahuasca brew.

All of the components are ground to a powder and then blown into the nose. Moments after inhalation it opens the doorway to an intense voyage to the depths of our consciousness where it completely alters our perception of reality. It is accompanied by a strong purge that can help liberate us from deep emotional and psychological scars. The energy of this plant is one of the “Stern Teacher” and can be very intense in its impact. The effect can last up to three hours.

Yopo sessions are held both in the morning in a natural setting or else at night in our temple space. We highly recommend having experience with other plant medicines before meeting the spirit of Yopo.

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