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Vision Quest

Vision Quest in the Lakota tradition involves an individual choosing to spend one to four days/nights (with the Lakota tradition being four) in isolation within a small area (approximately 4’x5’) in nature. During this time, the person is surrounded by 400 tobacco prayer ties they prepared before starting the Vision Quest. This period of isolation is marked by fasting from water, food, and any social interaction, allowing the individual to connect with the spirits, and attempt to gain knowledge, strength, and understanding.

The Quest begins in the sweat lodge before the person is taken to their designated isolated spot. Upon completing the days/nights of solitude, they are picked up and brought back for another sweat lodge to close the ceremony. After this final sweat, the Questers burn the 400 prayer ties they have been caring for and sitting in nature with. Throughout the entire process, the community provides support by participating in the sweat lodges and assisting with placing and picking up the Questers from the isolated spots. The community also holds the continuous fire through all these days/nights while singing and praying for the Quester's well-being.

We feel very grateful to have had our first Vision Quest on the land in January of this year. To learn more about it, please watch this video on our blog post

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