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Turmeric-ginger shots

Tumeric powder


The anti inflamatory miracle compound Turmeric is great for just about every aspect of our well being.

It’s great for anything in the body that’s inflamed and causing pain, from nerves to joints to the brain itself.

Turmeric’s high level of manganese combined with its active component, curcumin, especially benefits the cardiovascular system: It lowers bad cholesterol, raises good cholesterol, helps inhibit tumor and cysts, and can prevent virtually any type of cancer, especially those that affect the skin.

In addition, its manganese activates curcumin’s ability to extract toxic heavy metals from our system.

If you have any of the following conditions or symptoms, try bringing turmeric into your life:

Allergies, lupus, anxiety, high cholesterol, tumors, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS), fibroids, all types of cancer(especially skin cancers).

Rashes, hives, congestion, brain inflammation, joint inflammation, nerve inflammation, poor circulation, liver heat, back and neck pain, knee and foot pain, dizziness, deep headaches, blurry eyes, panic, sore throat, cough, body stiffness, emotional eating, hormonal imbalances, excess mucus.

Emotional support

For those who have trouble acknowledging their own selfworth, turmeric is ideal.

Bring turmeric into your life to help you appreciate just what a valuable, shining human being you are, and all the positive qualities you have to offer.

Spiritual lesson

Turmeric’s anti inflammatory properties are so potent, that they give us pause and consider what else in our lives could use calming. Inflammation doesn’t just occur on a physical level.

The next time you feel a bout of existential inflammation arising, honor whatever past experience has brought out this reaction, then take a cue from turmeric and gently try to end the cycle.

A ginger photo.


A tonic for your entire body.

Ginger is one of the most important tools for giving ourselves respite from a reactive state.

Ginger is the ultimate antispasmodic.

A cup of ginger tea can calm an upset stomach and relax any other areas of tension for up to 12 hours.

Rather then acting as just a nerve tonic, it acts as a tonic for the organs and muscles, telling the body that it can let go, that everything is under control.

Ginger antispasmodic properties come from its more then 60 trace minerals, well over 30 amino acids (many of them undiscovered), and more than 500 enzymes and co-enzymes all working together to calm reactivity.

Ginger is also ideal for stress assistance, DNA reconstruction, enhancement of your body's production of B12, and so much more.

If you have any of the following conditions or symptoms, try bringing ginger into your life:

Pancreatitis, gallstones, adrenal fatigue, spastic colon, spastic bladder, migraines, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth(SIBO), thyroid disease, eczema, psoriasis, anxiety, all types of cancer, celiac disease, chronic sinusitis, ear infections, fungal infections, muscle pain, gastritis, stomach pain, back pain, dizziness, cough, urinary frequency, weight gain, food allergies, diarrhea, brain fog, sleeing disturbances, fatigue.

Emotional support

Ginger is ideal for those who feel forced to hold back what they have to say.

Because holding in your true sentiments can make you feel locked up and stifled—and even generate muscle spasms. It’s very important to release all that tension, and ginger performs the job beautifully.

Spiritual lesson

Ginger teaches us that we don’t always have to have an insight, breakthrough, or solution in order to let go of what's not helping us. We don’t have to process everything or stress ourselves out reliving it. We don’t always have to react.

Just like we can turn to ginger to work the kinks out of our muscles and the knots out of our stomachs, we can let it work that antispasmodic magic on our souls, cleansing us of wounds and damage without having to do anything other than let it do it’s work.

Turmeric-ginger shots

Makes 2 to 4 servings

These fiery, immune-boosting shots are a tasty variation on the turmeric-ginger serum.

A go to option for the first sign of a cold, these shots will help your body fight back against anything that tries to come against it!

4 inches turmeric: one at a time, run each ingredient through                

4 inches ginger: The juicer, keeping  the juices separate.

2 oranges: Combine 1 teaspoon turmeric juice,                

4 garlic cloves:1 teaspoon ginger juice, ¼ teaspoon garlic juice, and ¼ cup of orange juice in a small Glass. Stir to combine and drink immediately.

Note: the amount of ingredients necessary will vary greatly based on the juicer that is used.

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