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The Four Elements

I remember how once we were close to the earth and our homes  were part of nature. We sat on the ground, connected and nourished by the silence and stability. We watched and listened . We knew that the mountains protected us, and our heartbeat was one with the heartbeat of the earth. We understood the language of animals, we experienced the wisdom of the plants, we read the signs of the stars, we followed the flow of the rivers as the waters guided us on the path to the great sea. We  collected water while singing and carried it back home to our families, every drop filled with goodness. We felt the light and  power of fire, we danced the dance of the sun, praising the magic of life, sending our prayers to the greatest power of all.

The wind took us to the hidden places, through its gusts we were given signs showing us what was not visible and could not be explained.

It is In the infinite life energy, in the largest space of all, where we learn to let go and surrender. To connect to the great spirit and breathe a  life filled with gratitude.

In the healing ways of ancient cultures : Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, shamanism and others ,we find that they are based on the four elements of nature : Fire, Earth, Water and Air, on their connection to our lives and bodies.

The life force in its entirety is embodied in the four elements, which constitute the basic source of life created moment to moment.

Without the interaction and harmony between the elements, nothing can exist. They empower each other and sustain us. When learning to engage the four elements, we are empowered and  connect to who we really are.

The water element

In connection with the water element we feel  how, like the earth consists of waterfalls, branching river, lakes and streams – our blood vessels, the arteries and various organs in our bodies also contain water. Through water we charge our body with renewed strength of its healing power. We allow water to transfer nutrients and particle in the body, recycle vital excess, purify and flush out toxins. Water affects us on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional. Through the water in our bodies, we learn to communicate with natural forces, with the moon, the  oceans, the rain and the flora and fauna it nourishes.

The Fire element

Determines the life force that drives desire, creativity, enthusiasm and joy in our lives. Through fire we  learn to create from nothing, feeling its power converting our energy and carrying it forward. The sacred fire nourishes our heartbeat, burns the inner flame and revives our passion for life.

The earth element

In connection with the earth element we will feel how the earth nourishes the wisdom, knowledge, power and fulfillment in our lives.  It gives us stability and creates roots for our life energy. The earth provides us with our physical substrate and teaches us what is fertile and creative. It shows us what to contain and assimilate and how to be patient and giving. The hidden wisdom of the earth in plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers, salts and crystals connects our lives to the infinite abundance of the Universe.

The air element

In connection with the air element we will learn to appreciate the invisible aspect in our lives, the hidden life force that connects us to the wisdom of our dreams, imagination and thought. The air element expands our perspective and allows us to be inspired and  expand our awareness. In this way our faith is strenghtened and we learn to trust and surrender to the flow of life.

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