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The first six months in our new home

This is a video recap of our first 6 months into this wonderful adventure.

The land is teaching us  a simple way of life in harmony with nature.  We access electric energy through a solar panel, and are planting many different and delicious foods that Mother Earth gives us to nourish our body and spirit. Every sunrise is a gift with new teachings that arise with the day.

We received the insight to work with the medicine in the same way. Listening to the rhythms of nature, just as we prepare the earth before planting seeds, we take care of the preparation process for each person that comes to our home. And as the seed needs space to grow, we are focusing our work in the form of more private and intimate retreats.

If a ceremony is the equivalent of the action of planting a seed, then integration is the daily care we give to that seed so that it grows into a powerful tree that provides shade and nourishes others with its fruits. Now every retreat participant can benefit from the process of integration.

It is an honor  to be guardians of this space and to heal it through reforestation and our love and care for all its life forms.

We give all of you sincere thanks for being part of the family and invite you to join us on our new path.

Much love,

Gente Medicina

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