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Shipibo Icaros

Sacred Shipibo songs dedicated to the BOBINSANA PLANT
Song By
Curandera Isabel & Curandero Francisco

There is a beautiful tradition among the Shipibo peoples of Peru called “La Dieta”. During several months a year, the participants will engage in a disciplined and austere lifestyle where they will cut back on social ties, refrain from sex and alcohol, and eat a strict salt-free vegetarian diet. They will also focus their energy on a particular plant medicine and its healing or magical properties, and in this way assimilate its power. During the entire time they will drink a tea made from the particular plant and over time deeply connect to its essence.

One such plant is “Bobinsana”, which has the special property of imparting PROTECTION. I recently had the privilege of joining two renowned Shipibo healers in ceremony. At the end they both shared their personal “Icaros” (Sacred songs) dedicated to their Bobinsana Dieta. Icaros are the sacred songs sung during Medicine ceremonies. They are not only beautiful, purifying melodies, but also hold a frequency that connects the ceremony participants to forces of nature, especially those that the singer has connected with during the DIETA.

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