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Nettle Leaf Properties

Nettle Leaf Properties

While you are not likely to find nettle leaf listed  as an adaptogenic herb, it is a star adaptogen, ideal for supporting our bodies through periods of stress. Nettle leaf contains a vast ocean of more than 700 undiscovered phytochemicals.  It is life-giving and life-lengthening, an amazing anti-inflammatory for tired organs, and contains healing alkaloids yet to be discovered through scientific research.

Nettle leaf is the ultimate reproductive herb, especially for women. It enhances egg production by supporting the follicle-stimulating hormone that’s integral to producing an ovum, and also rids the body of toxic estrogens that have entered from outside sources such as plastics and pesticides.

Rich with bone-building and bone-protecting herbs such as silica, nettle leaf also has more then 40 trace minerals in their most bio active, bio available, and unassimilable states. All of this, plus nettle is a potent pain reliever that enhances our ability to thrive.

Nettle leaf

If you have any of the following conditions or symptoms, try bringing nettle leaf into your life:

Urinary tract infections(UTIs) such as bladder infections and kidney infections, interstitial cystitis, reproductive cancers, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer, post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) acne,eczema, psoriasis, infertility, anemia, anxiety, depression, breast cancer, edema. Adrenal hormone imbalance, anxiousness, inflammation, vaginal itching, vaginal burning, menstrual pain, menstrual cramping, accelerated aging, scar tissue, irregular menstruation.

Emotional support

Nettle leaf is a wonderful centering herb for any one who is easily  distracted or scattered.

Spiritual lesson

Nettle teaches us to keep our eyes out for these sparks of gratitude everywhere. What else in your life have you treated with disregard, when really its just a matter of learning to be open to it, work with it, and appreciate its true nature.

Put a few nettle leaves in boiling water and drink as a tea every day, or as a powder in your morning smoothie.

The best way to connect with the plant is to grow it in your garden or a planter and build a relationship with it.

In Colombia, nettle plants are used as a physical and energetic cleanser.  people gently strike themselves with a large bundle of nettles until the whole body is tingling. This stimulating activity cleanses and strengthens the circulation system.

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