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Mycelium gathering full moon

Known as the "Cold Moon" by Native Americans, The last full moon of 2021 occurred just shy of the Winter Solstice. On this night we gathered around the fire to offer our prayers with the intention of honoring the four elements.
We had the unique opportunity to sit in absolute silence as each participant wore wireless headphones.We also had live music and  a magical storytelling dance offered by Marito and Sol. The music was accompanied by a text written by Ronit based on the mysticism of the four elements.
We celebrated all night until dawn and offer infinite gratitude to all that joined us on this very sacred longest night of the year!
We want to shout out a special THANKS to David and Francine for co-creating this space with us. Their technical wizardry gave us the freedom to experience "silent music" and their many skills and big hearts made this magical medicine night possible. ​
And finally, we want to share this video with you so that you get a glimpse of the work and celebrations we offer around this beautiful medicine

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