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Gente Medicina - Viajaremos

Gente Medicina -  Viajaremos

Dear Family

We are very happy to share with you the release of our first recording: “VIAJAREMOS”. It consists of three songs inspired by the musical offerings to Abuelita Ayahuasca during our ceremonies.

In the next few months we will be working on two more projects: A single and an album consisting of six songs.

This is the first piece we have completed thanks to your generous help during our fund raising campaign. We want you to know that it has taken much more time than we expected for various reasons: The Covid emergency forced us to shift our planning considerably and it wasn’t something we could rush by creating a deadline. Our goal was to output material of the best quality realizing that this would take time and patience. It was an enormous challenge setting up a home studio from scratch and learning how to record, mix and master in order to best transmit the magic of Sacred Medicine Music.

Additionally, in November 2020, we bought a piece of land, a beautiful property that sits next to EL RODEO national park. Being raw land without any construction, we have immersed ourselves in the multiple tasks required to create a comfortable space for our retreats. We now have a kitchen and dining area, several casitas, a camping zone, shared bathrooms, Temple, sweat lodge and a home for ourselves.

We finally were able to move in on the 15th of March, and in April we held our first retreat. As you can imagine, this has demanded our complete focus and dedication, but we have not forgotten our commitment to our musical production!

So now we finally have time to work on the next phase of our recording and want to express our sincere gratitude for your support and blessings and of course the guidance of the sacred medicines.

Special thanks to:

All the members of the family that generously donated in the campaign.

Anita for the beautiful video and for helping us in the campaign creation process.

Peter for supporting us every step of the way.

Ruben for his incredible skills as a producer/sound engineer and for being so full of good vibes and heart.

Tete for all the years accompanying us during ceremonies and for his percussion work in the recordings.

Alexis (Parce) for all sound effects and percussion.

Draxe for the mastering.

Iti for the love and  guidance in the process of buying the gear.

Tito for the amazing mística cover.  Note: It is one of his live paintings during a Huachuma celebration.

And every one that passes though the space sharing their beautiful musical vibes!


You can listen to it here.

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