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Five good reasons to start the morning with a superfood smoothie

Five good reasons to start the morning with a superfood smoothie

Do you want to know what the best shortcut is to take responsibility for a healthy body? A superfood smothies.

Fresh, vitalizing ingredients that go into the blender nourish and strengthen us every morning with each sip.

Superfood smoothies are made from the perfect alchemical mix of natural , unprocessed ingredients. The difference is that their nutritional value is much more concentrated than in regular food.  They heal and nourish our body at the deepest level.

I and many others have found superfoods smoothies to be the ultimate breakfast.

Over the years my recipes have changed slightly, always making sure that they are filled with all the goodness mother earth offers. .

It takes me just 5 minutes to make the smoothie and if I do not have time to sit down for a drink, I take simply take it with me. The ultimate convenient breakfast giving me the best possible fuel for the new day.

Five good reasons to start the morning with a superfood smoothie

  • Cheap health insurance: Free radicals, imbalanced hormones, soil empty of minerals, air pollution and a stressful lifestyle make it more important than ever to boost our health. Even if we eat organic and healthy food we need to make an extra effort to enrich the body and prevent diseases. A morning smoothie is the best health insurance you can provide for you and your family.
  • Super food smothies are easy to digest: At night the body undergoes a process of natural internal cleansing. Therefore in the morning it is recommended to support the cleansing process and give the body a meal that nourishes and creates an alkaline environment in the blood.Superfood smoothies gives the body a chance to rest from the digestive process. The boy can focus its energy on a cleansing and restorative process.
  • Absorption an sinergy: the ability to absorb the nutritional values from superfoods increases when we make smoothies. a synergy is created that exists in a combination of certain foods. These  are used as carriers for certain nutrients and thus allow efficient and fast transport  to the body cells. Also certain foods like green leaves are absorbed and heal more effectively when ground to a creamy texture. The superfood smoothie in an alchemical mix of quality and powerful ingredients, which enhance each ingredients healing and nourishing qualities. This is why, immediately after drinking the smoothie, we feel how the energy rises and the vitality that every cell in the body receives is expressed  in a state of joy and gratitude.
  • Connection to mother earth: drinking superfood smoothie every morning from mother earth is the opportunity to nourish the body with foods that are clean, organic, wild and as close to nature as possible. It is  a direct link to love for nature and our body. Being conscious and present while drinking  the smoothie every morning nourishes the source of life within us in a deep and direct way. This power then radiates out  through the glow in your healthy skin, clear eyes, and positive demeanor.
  • Easy to prepare: Our stressful life style results in giving up or making an "easy" non-nutritional breakfast.  The super smoothie comes together quickly in your blender and you and your family can either enjoy it together or take it with them without forsaking the morning meal.

Recipe ¨Antioxidant boost smoothie¨

  • Pipa
  • Bananas
  • Frozen blueberry
  • Frozen strawberries
  • Goji berries
  • Acai powder
  • Maqui berry powder
  • Maca powder
  • Cacao nibs
  • Mushrooms: Lions mane and Cordyceps
Woman holding smothies in her hand

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