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Ayahuasca Caapi Vine Grows In Our Garden

Ayahuasca is a brew made by boiling the stems of the Caapi vine and leaves of the chacruna plant. Chacruna is the source of psychoactive DMT while Caapi contains Harmine, an alkaloid that inhibits the breakdown of DMT in the digestive system. It is this balanced combination of plants that give Ayahuasca its magical powers.

Both plants are native to the Amazon basin, but there are also strains of the Caapi vine that flourish in Costa Rica! Soon after moving into our new property we planted some Caapi at the entrance of our Ceremony Space. In this video we show you the current state of growth, which as you will see, the vine is happily wrapping itself around a tree.

We are also growing Chacruna and hopefully in the near future, when you come to hold a ceremony with us, the Ayahuasca brew will have been sourced entirely in Costa Rica

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