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Working with sacred medicines can give us profound information about ourselves. This information is the pure light of consciousness illuminating different aspects of our being. The medicines create a dramatic shift that can be  difficult to integrate with our rational mind. Understanding them allows us to create new habits that support our evolutionary process.

But sometimes it can be difficult to understand and convert all the information into concrete actions that will benefit our lives. The solution is to support our journey with a guiding hand that can help us assimilate these powerful teachings. Your sacred medicine coach Josué,  is there the entire journey to insure a safe and potentially transformative experience.

The two main aspects of sacred medicine coaching

There are two main aspects to Sacred Medicine Coaching.

The tree of life - A window into your deepest self

One of the tools that Josué uses in the Preparation and Integration process is THE TREE OF LIFE.  The Tree of Life comes to us from the Kabbalah, the mystical school of Judaism.

The Tree of Life is a map of human consciousness that organizes the different aspects of human existence according to ten archetypes known as "SEFIROTS". Through dialogue and an analysis of your current life situation, Josué can see where there is imbalance. Knowing  which areas you are dedicating too much attention to and which are lacking attention helps you redirect and balance the energies in support of your process.

Once you establish a link with your personal Tree Of Life, it  remains a valuable tool that you can consult whenever you need insight into a problem or difficult situation.

Microdosing psilocybin - The playful child as healer

The spirit of psilocybin has always been linked to the archetype of the playful child. This beautiful energy invites us to meet our own inner-child and reconnect with a magical sense of wonder and the creative power of play and spontaneously experienced as children.

Microdosing is designed so that the psychedelic effects of the mushrooms aren’t felt, rather it’s more of a mild sensation of subtle yet powerful energy that allows us to live our lives normally. It gives us greater clarity and the ability to connect joyfully with the present moment. It becomes our ally in the path to the heart.

Our program lasts from one to six months and the coaching sessions happen remotely through video conferencing. The duration can vary depending on the work you are doing. The key is to establish a relationship to the medicine in which your intuition helps you understand the best way to work and integrate it into your life.

At the end of the process we offer the option to close de microdosing with a stronger session. Josue will guide you in creating a space where you can safely encounter the spirit of the medicine at home. In this way you will experience a total integration with the medicine.



United States

“This past year has been the happiest and most gratifying of my life, far and away. I have learned to love gardening, planting, and gentleman chicken farming, and I've become relatively handy with home repairs and light construction...

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Jeff L

United States

“I've been micro-dosing with psilocybin for about six months under the guidance of Josue at Mundo GenteMedicina. This MD practice has helped me to begin to create a level of balance in my life - something thathas always been a challenge...

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Julio Viales

Costa Rica

“The whole process of mushroom microdosing, together with the exploration of the Tree of Life with Josué was very insightful. Microdosing allowed me to become more conscious of my thoughts and not get lost in them. I also felt more centered and more appreciative. In my full-dose experience I was able to connect with my purpose, which I’m currently working on to materialize.
The exploration of the Tree of Life was a great complement because it provided me a comprehensive map to understand the different aspects of my life and which of them I need to take care of in order to achieve balance."

Very important

If there are any medications that you take regularly or sporadically, please let us know beforehand so we can give you proper advice.


Due to the highly individualized nature of the coaching process and the optional inclusion of psilocybin micro-dosing, pricing can vary considerably. In your initial consultation pricing will be discussed so that you can choose an option that best fits your needs.

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The coaching process is highly personalized and tailored to your goals. The first step is to schedule an initial consultation with Josue to ascertain your needs. Coaching supports all aspects of the Sacred Medicine process: It can focus on preparation for a retreat or integration after. It also can accompany you during a micro-dosing program which can last anywhere from one to six months. And finally it is useful as a tool of self-knowledge through the Tree of Life integration tool.

Don’t hesitate to write to us if you have any questions about Sacred Medicines and our retreats, we will get back to you right away!

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