Integrating your ayahuasca and plant medicine experience

Each one of us must build a bridge between the teachings received from the medicine and our lives. This bridge is the key to experience genuine transformation after a retreat.

We have found that the most effective way to achieve this is through the discipline of every day ritual, and through creating a vital space where we can nurture our growth, remember the teachings and have time to connect with our deepest self.

This space is different for each person. Some people connect through movement such as yoga, others with some form of art or meditation. This will depend also on where you are in your life journey and what truly resonates with your essence. We support this process by introducing you to different integration activities during the retreat. This gives you the opportunity to experience different methods of introspection that you can further explore after the retreat. The activities will depend on the design of each retreat and the energy of the group.

Following are some of the integration activities you might experience at our retreats:

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Temazcal (Sweat Lodge)

Our sweat lodge is rooted in the native traditions of North America, The Red Road or the Right Path of Life. Through this work we honor our ancestors, Mother Earth and the four elements. The gift of heat is immensely purifying, and it is performed next to a river where we can go to relax and refresh after the session. This sacred space allows you to connect with an ancient tradition and can inspire you to search for spaces that can hold sweat lodges at home.

Yoga: The power of breath

Using the classic and timeless poses of Sivananda Yoga, Ronit creates a space where we can connect with our body and enter a state of deep relaxation. She helps us focus on the breath,  one of the most powerful tools that connects us with the medicines. A simple combination of asanas (postures) like the Sun Salutation can also be a powerful ally to include in your daily ritual.

Blindfold meditation

This is an exercise that teaches us to let go, give up control and learn to tap and trust our intuition and rich inner resources. You will be encouraged to take the experience back home and spend small periods of time being blindfolded. This can bring you back to the present moment by focusing your attention on the senses and the body.

Mandalas: Giving Form to Vision

As a group we take a silent walk through the surrounding forest. Keeping our energy within, we put our full attention and tune our senses to the sites and sounds of the earth and elements.

Remembering how to feel the soles of our feet in every step connects us with the earth and calms the mind, deeply recharging us with the energy of the nature that surrounds us.

Silent Walk

A silent walk through the surrounding forest. Keeping our energy within, we put our full attention and tune our senses to the sites and sounds of the earth.

Sitting meditation

Taking a few minutes on our day just sitting with eyes closed is the best way to spend some time with ourselves. Just taking the time to focus our attention on the breath and allow the mind to rest brings us back to the present moment. Sitting and observing the “traffic” in our minds helps us establish an inner dialogue in order to get more understanding of what our inner selves is wanting to tell us.

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