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The different types of Ayahuasca

What do the differences consist of?

All the medicine that we serve at Mundo Gente Medicine is a traditional brew that contains only Chakruna leaves (DMT) and Capi vine (IMAO). The difference between them consists of the type of Capi in each one. This changes their appearance based on the inside tone of color of the vine, the size of the leaves and the behavior of their growth. For example the black vine often grows closer to the ground,  whereas the yellow Ayahuasca is found mostly on the highest part or the foliage.

Black (Deep healing and cleans)

Black (Deep healing and cleans)

This variety takes us to a place where we  come face to face with  our shadow, all the aspects of our self that we have ignored, and  helps us  fill  this space with the light of consciousness. Through a process of purging, she offers the opportunity to heal the emotions that we have been suppressing our entire lives.

Red (Color full introspection)

Red (Color full introspection)

The red medicine contains energy of powerful introspection where you are guided to  insights about your life and helps you to connect to your emotional body. Red Ayahuasca also gives you very clear and colorful visions.

Yellow (Gentle subtle connection)

Yellow (Gentle subtle connection)

The approach of this medicine is more gentle and brings warmth to the heart. It's not about deep and intense processing, rather a celebration of meeting with Grandmother Ayahuasca.  

What is our Approach?

We strongly recommend to base your work around Black Ayahuasca. The purification process that this medicine imparts is the best way to start your journey of healing and self-knowledge. Through a deep cleanse, the medicine prepares the space for other medicines to take you deeper. So if you come for just one ceremony, this is the medicine we will share.

As your second experience, Red Medicine will help you begin exploring the "visionary world", where you will receive guidance for your life path.  If you participate in a retreat with three Ayahuasca ceremonies, the last one will be with Yellow Ayahuasca, where you can celebrate the inner work you have been doing.

NOTE: It's important to understand  that the process will depend to a large part on the energy of the group and the group process during the retreats.

We are very blessed to have this opportunity to share these different Ayahuasca varieties so you can fully explore all the magnificent benefits that this medicine has to offer.

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