Mundo Gente Medicina

Spanish for  “Earth medicine people”

In the search for harmony and purpose we have been blessed to discover different tools that have become central to our lives. These include sacred medicines and practices from various traditions of North and South America. Our mission at Mundo Gente Medicina is to hold the space where others can explore and develop their own relationship to them in a safe and natural environment.


Our World is a beautiful reminder that we are all ONE. Even as we perceive life as individuals, there is a powerful teaching in understanding that we are all connected by being on the earth.


Every one of us has an inner-wisdom to share, and at the same time we all need the support of others to grow. Let us celebrate the infinite family we all belong to.


There are many paths that guide us to the heart, the place where the ultimate medicine lies: THE ENERGY OF LOVE. Working with sacred medicines opens you to powerful introspection through which you can receive the wisdom of the heart.

Meet Your Hosts, Josue and Ronit

Photo of Josue and Ronit

We open our doors to those that are called to the search for healing and knowledge. Our home is a sanctuary where you can meet your deepest self in a safe and protected environment.  You will also have the chance to meet many friends and collaborators that are part of our extended family and help hold the space where each person can experience the powerful tools available at Mundo Gente Medicina.


Ronit is a gifted Yoga and movement teacher and gently helps participants maximize the benefit of the plant medicines through conscious movement and breath work. Ronit also shares her knowledge of deep juice cleansing and other transforming detox tools.

As a dedicated Moon Dance practitioner, she practices this beautiful prayer ritual of the Mexican tradition. The Moon Dance gathers women from all over the world during the full moon. The sacred prayer dance is accompanied by the tobacco spirit and lasts four night while the men hold and protect the space. At Mundo Gente Medicina, Ronit shares with us the purifying Temazcal sweat lodge ceremony that is an integral part of the Moon Dance ceremony.


Josue found his path in life in the meeting of music, medicine and integration. His journey started as an apprentice during Ayahuasca retreats with a gifted Peruvian Medicine Woman. He soon was given the responsibility of holding ceremonies and retreats himself. His journey continued when he embraced the traditional Lakota Vision quest, a ritual of prayer, fasting and isolation in nature.

From the assimilation of these various experiences, the vision of Mundo Gente Medicina was born. A place where seekers can encounter these beautiful and different traditions and experience their medicines and healing tools. And as a gifted musician, Josue guides participants in their inner-work with music and song that supports the healing journey.

Josue also gives great importance to the process of INTEGRATION, where the powerful knowledge gained through the work with the medicine and tools can be assimilated into our daily life. Josue offers sacred medicine coaching so that participants can keep the teachings alive once they return home.

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